062 The Blue-Haired Guy, Part 2 (10-07-13)

Told by Jemma.

“Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Maxwell,
Happy birthday to you!”



Little Maxey grew up really cute. He looked a little disoriented.. but I guess we were all like that. Growing up is hard, man.


I think he was afraid of all the commotion too. We had a fine crowd on hand to celebrate, so a lot of cheering and horn-blowing would frighten a little guy I guess. (He gained Coward.)



“Your turn, Teg.”


“Happy birthday to youuuu,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Tegan,
Happy birthday to you!”


Aubrey was afraid of the sparkles.


“Sis, you look good!”

I think Aubrey was pleased she didn’t blow up. He’s not accustomed to all this Siman ‘growing up’ business.


While everyone was getting cake, Phoenix chatted to Dad, and I had to use the bathroom.


I dunno what happened — there was some commotion — but I got back and someone said Phoenix had stormed off. I found him in the cat’s room.


“Hi. Pretty noisy in there, hey?”


“Yes. I had a slight headache forming, but I naturally would not let on.”


“It’s just those damn horns! And the baby crying too!”


Holy shit, this guy! My heart suddenly sank. Here I was thinking that he might be something really special… now he goes and lashes out at me when he doesn’t even know me?!

“Whoa! I’m sorry! Mom had a lot of babies. We could go outside and talk if you want?”


If I want.



“I think you just need a quality cheer-up-a-gram.”


Phoenix: “Is that right? And do you provide quality cheer ups?”


“I might. If the price is right.”

Now where is he going…?


Phoenix: “This is stunning! It’s amazing how real these digital fish look. Jemma, would you look at this!”


Yeah I’ve seen them before. We could like, watch the stars instead.

Phoenix: “Let’s start over, shall we? Hello, I’m Phoenix Severus. Very pleased to meet you, Jemma Watley.”


“Um…. I have your number. Bye for now.”


And with that he was gone.

“Hey. Happy birthday, sis.”


Tegan: “Thanks. So did you get with the blue-haired guy?”

“No you weirdo, I just met him. Besides, he has a bit of a temper.”

“Don’t all men?”


Kam: “I don’t.”


Me: “Kam is still workin’ on ya, huh?”

Tegan: “He’ll never get me.”




“Mommy, can we take the cake when we go?”


“Jovi!! What are you doing carrying that big cake!? You might drop it! Besides, it’s Maxwell’s – you had your own for your birthday.”

“Fine. Why do we have to move anyway?”


*sigh*  My poor baby was so confused lately. First the thing about wanting to see her real dad. Now she wants to take the entire cake when we move. And problems with my Dad—

“We have to move, sweetie. There’s too many people in this house now. We need to find our own place and start our own life.”

“And get me a new daddy?”

I wouldn’t get my hopes up about Phoenix being her daddy… it was way too soon. I’ll only be let down again like with every other guy. *rages* Stevan. But yes, i would have to get a daddy for my little girl, or at least let her visit Stevan if he would have it. Dad had said she was being bad to him one night after he told her to go to bed.

“You can’t order me! You’re NOT my daddy!”


I wondered how she would feel about Phoenix. I wondered if he would call me…

Ah, who am I kidding. Of course he did! There’s so much more to tell. You do know this part of the story is going to have a happy ending, right?


Or should I say, beginning.



5 thoughts on “062 The Blue-Haired Guy, Part 2 (10-07-13)

  1. lol Kam XD
    Maxwell is adorable
    Teagan is gorgeous of course!
    Off to a rough start with Phoenix, but we all know how it works out 😀 😀

  2. Sharona looks nice in sweaters ^.-
    Maxwell is freakin adorable and of course Tegan, my goodness she grew up gorgeous.
    Aww Phoenix. 😦 Well his household was pretty quiet by the time he was born. 😉
    HAHA Did you get with him? Oh Tegan.
    Poor Kam, poor delisional Kam.
    😦 Jovanna. You sweet little girl, you shouldn’t talk like that to your grandpa.
    YAYYYY Jemma needs a happy ending. 🙂

    • Thanks, I suppose I should do an overhaul of Shar’s wardrobe again, and put more sweaters on her. Lol. Typin with a bandaid on here… I may say more later. :P. *backspacing..

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