This is the story of me playing my favorite Sim family, and all the goings on that happens. It is based on my Simself and her Sim family that she spawned. I’ve made a few Sims of relatives or based on relatives, which is pretty fun to see them spawn as well! My Simself’s traits are mine, and her dreams and wishes may stem from my real life. I basically play her as if she is me. Or an exaggerated persona of me. It’s fun.

That’s me in the red dress with the zebra stripes holding the baby I didn’t want.

Back Row, Left to Right: Tegan, my daughter; Grayson, my son, myself holding Salem, Garrick my husband holding Kale, Jemma my precious first-born, Aubrey the Simbot
Front Row, Left to Right: Blue, my daughter; Maxwell, my son; Jovanna, my granddaughter (Jemma’s child)


This is an old pic but we haven’t managed to all get together to take a recent one in a while. Jovi (Jovanna) is a teen in this blog story, but in real (Sim) life she is married with two children!

When writing this story and playing the game I was part of the Sims 3 online forum and there was a huge community there that would share our stories and comment on each others’. Also I was part of a small but tight-knit Facebook group of Sim friends who would share our Sims and stories as well. If you don’t see many comments or much interaction on the stories here, be assured that there was a lot of interaction on these other platforms, and my Watleys were pretty popular and well-loved!

SharSim (my Simself) is immortal in the game, and will live for as long as I do. I mean, really, how can she die when I am still living? That would be like dying in your dream or something. Having said that, I may carry on the rest of her successive generations, for example, from the non-official heir Jemma, and keep SharSim out in Story Progression living all kinds of new lives. Wouldn’t that be cool? To live your life over and over again and do different things each time?

See the Chapter list if you want to read from the beginning. The beginning of this story was the beginning of my Sims 3 experience, when I had a smaller monitor, generic video and little CC (custom content) and knowledge. So you’ll see the progression there, to where I am now. It’s kinda cool actually. And SharSims has had so many trips to CAS (Create-A-Sim, where you create and adjust the characters) it’s not even funny. Never mind… it is funny. Someday I’ll do a photo collage of SharSim’s many faces.

Here is my real face, with my favorite animal, my kitty Willow. She appears in the story too, as does my real-life cat Josie (not pictured). This pic was taken around 2012.


My current traits in game are: Clumsy, Virtuoso, Party Animal, Loves the Heat, Cat Person. She has had Commitment Issues, Diva, and Computer Whiz but they have settled into these now. Commitment issues before she got married, Diva when she was being a rockstar, and computer whiz always but it got swapped out with Loves the Heat because… well, who doesn’t?

Here is my sweet daughter Jemma. Do mother and Simdaughter look alike?? 😆 I love her so much!


By the way, Jemma and The Party People are on Simbook (Facebook).

SharSim’s account:
The Party People:

A lot of the blog story originated with Facebook (Simbook) in my family Photo Albums. I would always post the new screenshots from my gameplay first on Facebook, and get the interaction and comments from my Simmer friends. They helped create the stories (dialogue) oftentimes too, because their reactions would create other reactions and commentary and give me ideas for more dialogue. That was so much fun. Oftentimes it was weekend party time when I would just spend hours and hours commenting on their stories and reading their comments on mine. And creating the blog stories here. Fun times!

As for the future.…. perhaps I’ll do a post explaining more. I’ve stopped playing the game. But I have TONS of screenshots from past gameplay that I still want to get around to turning into stories. If this is a lifelong project, so be it! I still enjoy it. And I come back here from time to time and enjoy my Sims stories again just like it was yesterday! I’ll eventually sort the pics and get back to playing and growing up my Sims again.

Hope you enjoy!



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    • Hi there. Thank you for visiting and commenting! How much have you read? I have been in a bit of a life change over the past year, and have not played Sims hardly at all since January. I hope to get back at it very soon though… when I get things in real life sorted!

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