Sharona Watley (Mother)

Traits: Virtuoso, Party Animal, Computer Whiz, Catperson, Clumsy
LTW: Vocal Legend (completed)
Favorites: Electronica, Grilled Salmon, Red

Garrick Watley (Father)


Traits: Artistic, Flirty, Lucky, Ambitious, Charismatic
LTW: Renaissance – master three skills (completed bass, painting, charisma, guitar)
Favorites: Songwriter, Spaghetti, Spice Brown

Jemma Watley (oldest, 1st child)


Traits: Eccentric, Virtuoso, Night Owl, Light Sleeper, Party Animal
LTW: Vocal Legend
Favorites: Kids, Cheese Tofu, Blue

Grayson Watley (2nd child)


Traits: Genius, Friendly, Loves the Cold, Easily Impressed, Lucky, Computer Whiz
LTW: The Tinkerer
Favorite Color: Country, Vegetarian Lobster, Orange

Tegan Watley: (3rd child)


Traits: Excitable, Over-Emotional, Friendly, Photographer’s Eye, Dislikes Children
LTW: Physical Perfection
Favorites: R & B, Autumn Salad, Spice Brown

Blue Watley: (4th child)


Traits: Grumpy, Neurotic, Absent-Minded, Computer Whiz at teen
LTW: Master Magician
Favorites: Chinese, Hot Dogs, Sea Foam

Maxwell: (5th child)


Traits: Loves the Cold, Heavy Sleeper, Coward, Avant Garde at teen
LTW: Swimming in Cash
Favorites: Hip Hop, Veggie Burger, Red

Salem: (6th child)


Traits: Slob, Hydrophobic, Inappropriate, Computer Whiz at teen
Favorites: Country, Autumn Salad, Aqua

Kale: (7th child)


Traits: Clumsy, Hydrophobic, Shy, Good at teen
Favorites: Geek Rock, Grilled Cheese, Aqua

Jovanna (Gen 2 Jemma’s 1st child, with Stevan):


Traits: Genius, Virtuoso, Photographer’s Eye, Equestrian at teen
LTW: World Renowned Surgeon
Favorites: Soul, French Toast, Spice Brown

Phoenix (Jemma’s husband):

Phoenix Jr. AKA Fefe (Gen 2 Jemma’s 2nd child, with Phoenix):

Phoebe (Gen 2 twin of Fefe, Jemma’s 3rd child, with Phoenix):

Pasha (Gen 2, Jemma’s 4th child, with Phoenix):

Merit (Gen, 1, Sharona’s 8th child)

Sina (Gen. 1, Sharona’s 9th child)

Serenna (Gen. 1, Sharona’s 10th child)

Altas (Gen. 2, Jovanna’s boyfriend)

OTHER CHARACTERS (CAMEOS or Secondary Characters)

Vandeen Jonso by yoursharona 34 from The Party People

Adairna Jonso by yoursharona34 from The Party People

Eddie Starr by Mikezumi

Krisztina Valo by krisztinavalo777

Aurora Cooper by angldior

Shae Roque by Buffyspiker

Borage Montigo by TheNay83

Sunny Flower by Sunflower

Phoenix Severus by Lenei13


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