Funny you ask.

Okay, maybe you didn’t ask, but it kinda has become a mini challenge to get ten kids… because Garrick wished for ten children at some point after Blue (the 4th) was born. Yeah yeah, I know most Sim parents tend to roll that wish after so many and it’s programmed in the game that way, but hey, I just decided to go with it and play out his wishes. Much to SharonaSim’s dismay of course, which adds a bit of humor to the plot with her being vehemently against it and Garrick with his Flirty trait always trying to get her in bed.


As I was finishing up the “Beginnings” chapters after he rolled that wish in current game, I realized he had that desire for marriage and a big family from the very beginning.

Young Garrick: “Do you like it? It’s called ‘You and Me’. And together we are a gift.”


“I see at least four kids in our future. Maybe more, but that was the biggest canvas I could get.”



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