063 Shar Has a Bitta Fun (10-13-13)

Told by Sharona.

Grad day came shortly after Tegan had her young adult birthday.


I was so proud of my little girl, all grown-up and looking so good in her grad robe.


Isn’t she beautiful! She takes after her daddy for sure.


All of us attended, except for Grayson. He was moved out temporarily while off looking at Universities.


Blue is getting taller, and Jovanna is just the sweetest thing. Thankfully she doesn’t turn after her douche of a daddy. I wouldn’t call him that to her of course — she hasn’t met him since she’s grown up to child.


Jovanna: “Ahhhh, I can’t wait ’til I get to graduate too!”  (Genius trait)


Maxwell is a mini Garrick. He doesn’t say a whole lot… poor boy can’t get a word in edgewise with so many other people in the house.  (Coward trait)


But the time came when we had to say goodbye to Jemma, Tegan and Jovanna. The house really was getting full, and Jemma and Tegan had to start their own lives. Jemma especially, even with being a single mother, had to bond with her daughter and make her own life with her. We had a family gathering before sending them off.


“Now Jovanna, you be good for your Momma, okay?”


“Yes, Grammy. I’ll miss you! Will you come visit?”

“Of course, sweetie! Always!”

I got them a nice house down by the beach. I’m sure they’ll love it.


Of course it didn’t take me too long to start missing them. Tegan is about the age I was when Garrick did this portrait of me. Dang, I should have got him to do one of her. And Jemma too.


He was so good at it.


“I’m good at what? Woohoo-ing?”


“No, you’re good at changing baby diapers. Can you go check on the twins?”




That’s little Salem. I have a feeling he’s gonna be an interesting character. Or else we are making him that way just by spiking his hair.


Kale is really cute too. Garrick was good with the kids. Funny he didn’t seem to mind that only one of our children got his auburn hair. I guess he likes blondes.


Garrick: “Of course I like blondes. Come on, let’s woohoo!”

Me: “We are NOT woohooing! Look at the mess in this house!”

Garrick: “Okay, I’ll meet you out in the hot tub later then.”


“Ugh! Which kid left their smelly fly-infested laundry here?! ‘Course it could have been Garrick.”


“I just need a drink.”


“Ahhhhh. Nothing like Rickard’s on tap.”


“Actually, the hot tub does seem like a nice idea.”




I’m glad I did my toenails. They are so cute.


“Hey, can I join ya?”

“Of course, honey!”


“It’s hot in here, hey?”


“Are my toes cute too?”

“No. Men’s toes are never cute.”


“You’re cute though.”



I was glad Garrick and I had that bit of bonding time, because I had been feeling pretty restless after birthing the twins and finally being free from pregnancy, I just had to let loose for a while.

“Go to sleep, Maxie, for at least nine hours, ‘kay?”


“Hey Sirus. Let’s go partying.”


Yeah, I went out on the town with Sirus Flake. It was harmless of course – he is a friend. Garrick didn’t need to know I kinda had a big crush on him.


“Hi, Mrs. Watley.”

“Call me Sharona, please.”


Really though, it was all harmless. We started at Eugi’s for a few drinks…

Me: “You’re not gonna wig out on me early, are you?”

Sirus: “Psh. Of course not.”


Then off to the Grind where we met up with his gay friend Norman (who likes to keep his uniform on at all times, either that or he’s one of the Village People), but they closed early because the place was dead.

Sirus: “Well, so much for that.”

Me: “This blows.”


So it was fun and all, but I had to get back to my family.


I think Sirus thought the same thing.


Really, Sirus?! What would you have been doing if you weren’t out on the town with a hot blonde with a fine ass? Hacking computers all night, or searching profiles on Friendfinder.com?


Back to the family. I told Jemma about Phoenix that morning, and she met him at Tegan and Maxwell’s party. They seemed to really get along. I felt like a proud mother for setting them up.


A few days after they moved out, I saw my girls at MN8.  (AN: They were of course at the mercy of Story Progression, so it was cool that I caught them hanging out there together.)

The cute bartender Stewart Roby was still there too!


Jemma: “He’s like, always working. You’ll never get with him unless he quits his job.”

Tegan: “You may be right.”


“Hey Mom. Fancy seeing you here.”


Just look at my gorgeous girl!


“No time for chit chat. Jemma, did Phoenix ask you out?”


Tegan: “Yes, and she might have even got laid.”

Jemma: “Tegan, please.”

Me: “TMI, Tegan.”


So many days later, and Jemma still at the whim of Story Progression – I got the news.



I done good. 🙂



Others’ Sims in this episode: 

Sirus Flake by Lenei14.

Phoenix Severus by Lenei14. But okay, Phoenix will become a permanent fixture, so I’m not gonna put his name here anymore. 😉

VIDEO: Shar in her party mode making some drinks at home.

5 thoughts on “063 Shar Has a Bitta Fun (10-13-13)

  1. Awwww Jovi looks so darling in her little dress. ^.^
    Young Garrick! ❤
    Hahaha he wants to woohoo and she wants to drink. Yep sounds right.
    😀 It's easy to crush on Sirus, he's such a sweetie.
    Or stalking Sharona online. That was a douchey response! *shakes fist at that silly boy*
    HAHAHA ❤ that shot at the end. Mama knows best!
    😀 Always love seeing my boys in other's games. I'm really excited about Phoenix of course. 😉

    • Hahaha I remember when I played that night out with Sirus and Norman, I was so annoyed with his response. LOL. Like, WTF Sirus? Did you not have a fun time with me?
      Heh, you’ll see tons more of Phoenix on FB albums before I get to write it out here. 🙂
      Thanks for reading 🙂

    • Ahh don’t worry about not coming here and commenting. The story may be slightly more organized here, but you do see the pics! And everyone got busy over the Christmas season. Thanks though… my blog is feeling less lonely now. 🙂 ❤

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