097 Jovi and Atlas, and Jemma Sings For Sirus (and supper)

“Heyyyy Atlas, you wanna come over and hang out?”


“You got here quick!”

Jovanna: “Hi handsome.”

Atlas (awkwardly): “Hi… scrumptious.”

“Say, don’t worry about that kiss thing last time. I like a girl who knows what she wants.”

“Actually I think you’re hot.” He continued. “I don’t care what anyone else thinks. Are you seeing anybody now?”

“No. You?”

“Well, there was this girl Makenna who was coming on to me and we were s’posed to be boyfriend-girlfriend, but she’s over now. So , I’m free right now.”

“Cool! Well I’m free too.”

(I find you blindingly stunning.)

Jovanna: “Do you want to go to the school dance with me?”

Atlas: “There’s gonna be a dance? …There’s a chance that aliens could abduct me before that happens, but if they don’t, I’ll certainly go with you. But if I don’t show up, at least you’ll know why.”

(Oooo-kay then…)

“Okay, so it’s a date.”

(I’m so attracted to you right now.)

“Hey, did I already tell you that you’re—–”


Well he just said it was okay that she kissed him, so why not try again?!

Will her forward advances work this time?

“What…? I…”

Jovi, grab that boy up before he gets away again!

 (I think you’re the One.)

She says absentmindedly to the voice in her head…and the Simgod was absentminded about that too….

Jovanna and Atlas continued their date into the evening, and played some pool.

Whilst Mamma Jemma was out singing for tips.

With Sirus as a captive audience of one.


Sirus: “You’re pretty good.”


“Hey, would you like to buy my album?”


“OMG I got a text!”

“Rude! I was just trying to talk to you.”

Hmmm this is how a relationship would work out with a party animal + a loner.


Jemma: “Another present?”

Phoenix: “Yep! More recipes!

“Oh really. You shouldn’t have.”

“As I said, our lives depend on it. You can sure sing.. but you can’t sing for supper.”


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