095 Burnt Pancakes and Phoebe Saves Breakfasts Forever

Fefe: “This is gonna be a real nice boat!”


“And here is the sail.”


“Heehee it’s beauuutiful! I am a genius!”


Whoosh whoosh it goes along the waters. But oh-oh, there seems to be danger lurking ahead.”


“Hey Mamma, come see my boat!”

“Come quick– before it bangs into the giant iceberg!”

“Oops, too late. Muhahahha!”



Breakfast the next morning.

Jovanna: “Who made these pancakes? They look like they’ve been to hell and back.”


Phoebe: “Yeah they’ve been burned in lake of fire! Haha. I think Mom made them.”


“We really gotta stop telling Mom to cook breakfast. Phoebe, I bet you could do better.”

“I bet I could!”


Fefe (in the background): “I hear everything. I’m telling on you!”

Jovanna: “It’s okay Fefe, I’m sure she knows how bad a cook she is.”


Phoenix: “What have we here? Honey, you really burned EVERY single one?”


Fefe: “I like ’em! They’re charbroiled!”


“Jemma, have you ever read a cookbook?”

“No! I can cook. I’m Level 3.”


“Apparently Level 3 ain’t enough to make decent pancakes.”


“Yeah they really are gag-worthy, Mom.”


Phoenix: “I’m just saying… it couldn’t hurt. I’ll get you a cookbook and some recipes at the bookstore next time I’m in town, okay? In fact, I’ll make a special trip! Because I love you so much.”

The kids giggle in the background.



Phoebe: “Daddy said the newspaper does a Baking Report every day, and I should check it out.”

‘The vanilla markets stabilized overnight leading to an average demand for vanilla goods. Demand for chocolate goods remains average to light.’

“Hmmm… I wonder what that means. Should I make vanilla muffins?”

Phoenix: “Whatcha cookin’ there, little one?”

“I hope it’s better than these burnt squares.”   *hack!*

“Of course it will be, Daddy. I read the instructions!”

“Ok come get it!”

“Mmmm, it looks and smells delicious!”

“Wow, it’s yummy. Great job, sweetie! You’ve been recruited as the new chef of the house!”

Fefe: “Pfff! I’d rather have my charbroiled goodness.”

“I’ll just drip a little water on these to cool ’em off….”

Phoebe: “Aw come on! Seriously? That’s gross!”

“I better made lots of extras, just in case.”

Fefe: “Mmmmm these aren’t so bad after all.”


(QUICK!) VIDEO: Fefe playing with his blocks

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