090 Grayson Goes to University, Part 2

Told by Grayson.


I had brought home an energy drink from the student center, which surprisingly kept me up for hours. (Who knew!)


I was so pumped that I was inspired to beat my high score in online chess, then I studied my brand new course books so I could be prepared for my first class tomorrow.


I got half a night’s sleep, but woke early from excitement so I did some star gazing outside. Before I knew it the sun was coming up and I could see students on their way to class! Oops!


Luckily my first class was not til after lunch, so I made it well in time.


“I love this place!!”


I didn’t love the first class so much. Why? Because we waited and waited and the professor didn’t show.


So I felt it was necessary to take matters into my own hands.


“… and that, class, is quantum physics in a nutshell. Next time we’ll delve deeper into new discoveries in recent decades and how it may very well blow out of the water all our current scientific theories and everything I just told you. But it’s good for you to have the background. Are there any questions?”


Blue-haired guy: “I got a question. Where is the real professor?”


“I’m the realest professor you’re getting right now.”


After class I decided to explore some of the awesome-looking machines in one of the labs.


I was pretty jazzed about the information I had just imparted to my fellow students, and was feeling confident in my genius abilities.


“Hmmm… there seems to be a syntax error in the code. No wonder the machine’s not working right.”



“Aha! Perfect.”


So my first day was a success after all. I had been stressing about feeling so much older than everyone, and wondering if I would fit in, but really there was nothing to worry about! I had my knowledge and wisdom to impart to these young kids, and there was no reason for me to feel inferior.


“Hello? Hey guy… are you okay?”


The girl who had interrupted my thoughts was young and cute, with short dark hair.


“Um yeah… I guess I was just spaced out, in my own thoughts.”

“Up in space, hey?”


“Yeah, seems like a pretty cool place though, doesn’t it?”

“It does!” She smiled warmly.


“My name is Liz.”

“It’s very nice to meet you, Liz.”


VIDEO: Grayson teaches a class

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