088 Pasha’s Birth and Jovi’s First Kiss with Atlas

Told by the Simgod.

(I was having trouble putting this next chapter together cohesively, wondering who’s point of view and how to tell it, etc, So I just did what I usually do when this happens. Throw all the photos in order and add captions!)

Jemma seems to be anxious for this baby to arrive.


But never anxious enough to stop her crazy dancing!


She and Phoenix continued to find their way around that big belly in the bedroom.


I wanted to show more cute pics of the toddlers before they have their birthday. Phoebe looks so adorable on the new spring rider.


Phoenix had a lot of fun with her too!


“Time to get off, baby.”

“Okay Daddy!”


A cute shot of Jemma’s big belly and the toddlers.


“God, I hope I don’t have twins again.”


Turn off that kids’ music then!!


Phoenix had to go take care of some spiritual problems in town.


Jemma was very near due, so Page went over to be with Jemma, just in case.


They played pool on this awesome pool table Jemma got for being a celebrity.


Jovanna had a visitor.


“No, I wasn’t waiting long at all.”


“I mean, you got here pretty quick.”

Atlas: “I already knew where you live. Not that I’m stalking you or anything, but I do fly around a lot. Plus my grandmother Vinna knows you guys.”



“Don’t tell anyone, but SHE’S really the stalker!”


“So, do you wanna go watch the stars? It’s a clear night and the stars should be visible. I’m a Saggitarius and I like to find the archer.”

“Okay, sounds fun.”


(“He’s touching my hand!”)


“Is that the Archer right there?”

Atlas: “Yes it is! Wow I didn’t know you knew this stuff too.”


And it was really romantic and all, until…….


“PHOENIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where are you?! The baby’s coming!”


Luckily Phoenix was on his way home after his successful ghost hunt.


While they were at the hospital, Jovanna and Atlas got to hang out a bit more until he had to go home.

Jovanna: “Before you go, I just wanted to say thanks for a nice night and ….”




“Well, I wasn’t expecting that!”


“I don’t like to kiss on a first date, actually!”

“OH! Sorry! I-I-I just thought…”


“You thought I would like that you made the first move?”

“It was a dare to kiss someone—”


“Is that why you asked me over? For a dare?”

“I mean, it was a dare to kiss you…. because I like you.”

Atlas: “Really? I do think you’re a nice girl, too. Should we just go back to stargazing then, instead of liplocking and dare-taking?”


Oh Jovi… I didn’t know you had it in you to be this bold with all the boys so soon. Must be some influence from your mamma and grandma there. And those silly teenage hormones.


Jemma’s delivery was successful. A bright bouncing baby girl! And because I am now avoiding the infant stage for the most part and letting the toddlers age with a natural progression, we present to you—





VIDEO: Jovi watching the stars with Atlas

One thought on “088 Pasha’s Birth and Jovi’s First Kiss with Atlas

  1. Hehehe that belly, she’s lucky she didn’t get twins again!! I laughed out loud about Vinna being a stalker, lol. Poor Jovi, at least Atlas didn’t hold her impulsive behavior against her. 🙂 Pasha!!! ❤

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