Character Challenge – Jemma – Day 10 &11

Day 10: Relationships and history

What is her family history like? The only history she knows is her mom and Dad. There is no history beyond them. The Watleys are making history.

How does it affect her? It doesn’t affect her too much, although she is kinda curious about her Mom’s family; apparently there are a lot of girls in the family and it would be cool to have a lot of aunts.


How does she feel about her family? How does her family feel about her? Her family love her and she loves them. Mom and Dad of course adore their firstborn. The oldest siblings know her best; the younger boys don’t know her too well since she moved out when they were kids.

Day 11:

What was she like as a child? She was giggly and cute, really adorable with her with curly blonde waves.

What was her favorite toy? Favorite game? Playmates? She showed musical talent from a very young age, so she always enjoyed playing her xylophone or banging on mom’s piano or Daddy’s bass guitar (though the latter was frowned upon!) She loved her stuffed ‘fluffaly’ bunny. Her first playmates were of course Mom and Dad, and the butler Thaddeus who was really great. Grayson was born when she was still a toddler so she and little brother spent a lot of time together as well.



What did she want to be when she grew up? She always wanted to do something in music, but for a while she was obsessed with unicorns and wanted to spend the rest of her life living in a fairy world with her black unicorn she discovered, Domino. But that didn’t really work out, so as a young adult she devoted her interests fully to music and having a family.



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