068 Creepy Vamps and Tegan Gets the Boot (01-12-14)

Told by Jemma.

I was coming from the supermarket one night, and you wouldn’t believe who I saw.

It was the creepy vampire guy Chad, who asked me out that time and I got so freaked out I called Stevan to come get me. I was stupid, yeah, to agree to go out with someone I didn’t even know, even when I was kinda seeing Stevan. Well, Stevan didn’t care of course… all he cared about was himself. But I didn’t want nuthin’ to do with that guy cause he’s a vampire and is probably just out for blood — my blood!


He was talking to Desmond Flake. Now this guy Des…. also a flake! I barely know him too, but I met him somewhere–I guess through his brother Sirus who Mom is friends with–and I gave him my number cause he said he would invite me to a party. He did text me and invite me to his party on a couple occasions, but he never showed up. I would go to his house and there would be no one there and all the lights off!! Pretty flakey, right? And creepy.


I think I walked in on something. They were having a staredown. Did I mention Des is a vampire too? And why was his shirt off?

My friend cop Derrick was there, but he wasn’t doing anything, he was just standing back. I hoped he had his gun. Wait… can vampires be killed with guns…?

Chad: “You know what I want, Desmond.”


Derrick: “Stay back, Jemma.”


Chad: “Yes, stay back, Jemma. You don’t want to get between us right now. It might not be pretty.”


Derrick: “Don’t you speak to her, Mr. Luck. She is an innocent bystander. I’m warning you.”


“What? I wasn’t doing anything, Officer! Jemma is a friend. Right, Jemma?”


“Do you know this guy, Jemma?”

Chad had been standing way over there, but all of a sudden there was a flash and a whooshy noise, and he was RIGHT THERE in my face. Oh. My. God.


“I… uhhhh… n-n-n…” I swear he was boring into my mind with his eyes.


“He is an acquaintance.” I said. He seemed pleased enough then whooshed off somewhere else. I was too scared to say anything more.


“It’s okay, Jemma. I’ll protect you. The vampires have been warned to not prey on the humans for their blood. They are required to get their plasma from the supermarket. But if we suspect in the slightest that their willpower is not strong enough to only drink plasma, they will most certainly be eliminated. We always keep a cop on guard here and a few other places around town.”


“I suggest in the meantime though, that you avoid all contact with these two characters.”


Des had disappeared by now, and Chad was on the other side of me stalking– I mean talking to Van Jonso.


Then Daddy and Aubrey came! Oh man, I was so glad to see them.


“Hi Dad! So good to see you!”


I know it was a public place but the creeps seemed to have left — I had to tell him about my pregnancy, because I was just coming to an acceptance with it myself and in my heart I knew that Phoenix would be a much better dad than you-know-who.


“He’s going to be a really great daddy, I know it. Just like you, Daddy.”

“That’s wonderful, sweetie.”



When I got home, I found Phoenix and my sister having some sorta awkward conversation on the porch.



“So, what was that all about, Phoenix? Were you and my sis arguing or something?”

Phoenix: “No, we’re fine, really.”


Tegan: “Hi guys!”

“Go away, Tegan.”


Tegan: “I just wanted to say, it’s all cool, Phoe. You’re alright!”


“Thanks! You too!”


It was all I could do to stop myself from beating the face of her. I mean, I love my sister, but she it’s like she’s always trying to steal my guys. I recall one incident in particular when we were at the Rocha party the night after her grad ceremony.

If you remember Alain, well he has two other brothers who are pretty hot. Hayes was really coming on to me that night.


And so was his even-hotter brother, Eric.


Until Tegan showed up and then he was all gaga over her.



“So, you like my sister, do you?”

“No, not at all.”




Phoenix: “Obviously you two have stuff to work out. I’ll just be in the other room.”


Tegan: “Get back here. There’s nothing to work out with her. You were flirting with me, and you know it!”


Phoenix: “You lie! I was not!”


“Was he, Tegan?”

“No, but you wanted to didn’t you, Phoenix? Don’t you find me attractive?”


“You little bitch! Stop flirting with my boyfriend!”


“I don’t think this house is big enough for all of us. Maybe it’s time for you to go.”


“Oh really now? Maybe I will.”


“But I’m taking the cat.”

Phoenix: “You know I only have eyes for you, Jemma.”


“Awwww, now that’s more like it! Seriously though, I was only testing him, Jemma. He’s a good man.”


“I’ll start packing my things.”


“It will only ever be you, baby. Don’t forget that.”



7 thoughts on “068 Creepy Vamps and Tegan Gets the Boot (01-12-14)

  1. Hehehe those silly creepy vampires 😛

    Lol my boys just like Watley girls! Hmmm probably best that Tegan moved out, living with a roommate along with your SO just gets tense no matter what.
    Yay Jemma and Phoenix love ❤

  2. ROTFL all the Flake jokes. Oh man!
    What an awkward night for Jemma seriously. First the creepy vamp action and then she has to come home to her sister coming on to her man. >.< GAH!! Poor girl.

  3. Hehe, loved it. Flakey jokes and the creepy vampires. Eric is lovely, I don’t have him in my game. I think I have enough Rocha boys in my game right now..lol. I’d say it was probably for the best that Tegan moved out!

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