060 Some Things Gotta Change (09-27-13)

Told by Jemma.

So Jaxen called out of the blue for a date, while I was out and about doing my sing-o-grams. I had done a lot that day already so I figured why not –a quick meet and greet should be okay. I mean, he did call me first, and not my sister. I changed into my casual wear, but still had my singer costume with me and told him I was still kind of on the job and could be called elsewhere.

He was so sweet, and we got along right away. We met at the coffee shop. Where Stevan and I used to go all the time…


Jaxen: “That guy doesn’t know what he’s missing. You’re a cool gal. And very pretty.”


I didn’t really want to hear that. I was thinking about Stevan enough. And Jaxen kind of reminded me of Stevan, with his build and his blonde hair.


We had our coffees inside but didn’t really chat a whole lot. The proprietor was there and I really wanted to get a singing gig there so I did a quick audition. And there were all kinds of people watching so I figured it would make for some good networking and publicity. Sadly, he said I wasn’t quite up to standards yet.

Jaxen: “Well, I think you were fabulous. You really shouldn’t be discouraged.”


“Thanks. It’s okay, I’ll just have to work harder.”

We talked a bit more, but I was getting pretty tired. All these early gigs and the running around was wearing me out. And then something he said…

“You work in Law Enforcement…?”


Stevan worked in Law Enforcement.


I felt a weird, twisty feeling in my stomach. Like, it was deja vu or something.


I couldn’t be here right now with Jaxen. It would just be the same thing all over again, I just knew it.

“Are you okay, Jemma?”


“Yeah. I need to go home now, okay Jaxen? I’m just tired.”

“Sure. But I had a great time. Thanks for the date, Jemma.”


There were so many people still hanging around. Including deadmau5. He had wanted to date me when I was still seeing Stevan, but we just became good friends.

“Heyyy, what’s up Maus!”


And who else should I happen to bump into.


“Oh hey, Alain.”


Alhough one of Stevan’s rude brothers was right there, I stayed and flirted with Alain, and even to a few other guys that were around. I was sure Todd was listening. I hoped he would go back to Stevan and say ‘Jemma is doing fine, she doesn’t even miss you.”


“Maybe I’ll call you sometime then, Jemma?”


“Huh…? Oh, yeah sure, Alain.”


I threw myself into work again. I did more and more sing-o-grams and started to get known around town and was one of the most in demand. Next to my mom of course, but she had been on pregnant leave so much lately that people weren’t calling her anymore. They got the next best thing… me.



“Say, aren’t you Jemma Watley?! My brother was talking about you.”


That was Eric Rocha, half-brother of Alain. I think they have another brother too that lives with them.

He is kinda cute. But he’s a vampire.


Then whaddya know, somewhere in my travels I heard the news. Like, WTF?!?!


My new almost-potential friend Flannery Dove was the redhead Stevan was interested in?!?

“So you’re seeing Stevan Doppler, hey?”


But what could I say? I mean, I couldn’t just beat her face in or anything. But mannnnnn….. forget being her friend now.


This girl Lucy was nice. Maybe she would be my friend instead. Not that I was getting desperate or anything.







“Yes, Jovanna? What do you want?”



“Shit, who’s calling me at this hour?”


“Jovanna would you stop crying! I can’t hear the—–”


“Hello…? Oh hi, Alain.”




Damn. It was Alain asking me to go out. Maybe he was a night owl like me, because it was after 11 pm. I wouldn’t mind any other time, but I was exhausted and the baby was here crying and I had to take care of her. I couldn’t just skip out and leave her with Mom again.


It just wasn’t fair. I really wanted to go out with Alain. Oh well. Plenty more men at the gym, right? I knew it wasn’t fair to Jovanna for me to keep leaving her.

And it wasn’t fair to Mom. She already had enough babies to deal with.


And now with Salem and Kale the new twins, even more babies.



So Derrick is taken… Jaxen is out… Alain will probably give up on me now…


I thought it was time for a change.


I always thought my hair was messy kept down, but ya know, maybe I could get used to it. Guys like that flowing kinda hair, right?


I was still pretty, right?


Of course I was!


Yeah, much prettier than Flannery with her flowing starlet red hair. Fuck her.


Fuck him.


I decided to forget about chasing men and just let him come to me. Right now my baby needed her mother.



And I guess I needed her.


She was really precious, when I stopped seeing Stevan in her and started seeing her for the beautiful little girl she was. I had her crib put up in my bedroom with me so we could be together. It would be her birthday soon and I didn’t want to miss out on being her mamma when she was still a baby.


I didn’t do much socially for a long while. Mom and Tegan were out all the time though. Mom was going a bit crazy with it actually, like dressing up in tight pants and going to clubs with younger men. Lulu had moved into a new house Mom bought, not too far down the street, and Grayson was there with her until he went to college. So besides the babies, the house was pretty quiet. I barely even saw Dad and Blue. There would inevitably be a party though…

“Tegan and Maxwell’s birthday is coming up, and I’ve invited a bunch of friends for everyone.” Mom told me one morning when she was just getting home and I was heading out for singing duty. “There’s a boy I want you to meet.”


“I don’t want to meet any boys.”


“But he’s really cute. And different. I think you’ll like him.”


Who came up with that saying: “Mothers are always right”?

Why are they always right?



New Others’ Sims appearing in this episode

Lucille Valle by thedoglover

Simone Shaine (girl getting sing-a-gram) – by Buffyspiker

Eric Rocha by VRStevenson

and again Flannery Dove from A Dove of a Different Color

… and who is that man in the shadow?!

BONUS VIDEO: Jemma teaches Jovanna xylophone

12 thoughts on “060 Some Things Gotta Change (09-27-13)

  1. Seems like Jemma is starting to really get her priorities in order. I mean her mom didn’t really settle down right away and she has a baby already to worry about. 😦
    Aww she does seem to have a lot of guys interested at least! 🙂
    I really like Salem and Kale’s names. 😀
    You look GORGEOUS HONEY! Screw Stevan and Flannery!
    Man I really love that shot of she and Jovanna.
    Aww Jovanna is too much cuteness. ❤
    OOoo different is good. 😀 Cause they have experience sweetie.
    AAAAH!!! I know who that is!! ^.^

    • Different = Eccentric. 😉 haha, thanks for all the lovely comments. I was so excited for you to see this chapter specifically. 😀 Yeah Jemma is getting her confidence back. Salem and Kale just became kids in my game and they are pretty cute. Stevan and Flan… well, we won’t talk about them. >:[

      I love that shot too – I had to edit it quite a bit because there was some unrendered furniture & hair clipping, but it was too good to lose. I had to show as much Jovanna as I could, before she turns child!

      • Hahaha well hopefully they’ll connect on an intellectual level then. 😉 I pretty much squeed out loud when I saw him. I never really showed Phoenix enough in my game. Poor neglected youngest child. >.< His twin sisters were just so entertaining.

        You did awesome! I would have never known there was like a bunch of crappy furniture and stuff. 🙂

        • -SPOILER ALERT- Intellectual AND party level. They both have Eccentric and Party Animal, and compatible signs. OMGGGG I have so much of him, you’ll love it. 😀 I’ll give him a personality if that’s okay. 😉 And um, with your permission he will be in this story a lot now. *ahem* (SQUEEEE!)

          Thanks, I had to zoom in closer than intended, and totally wipe out a grey bookcase. lol.

        • It’s gonna be great! You’re definitely welcome to give him a personality! I can’t wait to see, I’m sure you’ll treat him well! Probably better than I did. 😉

  2. I was totally thinking the same thing about Jaxen and Stevan, even the names haha!
    I’m glad to see Jemma doing some flirting, but still thinking about Stevan. 😦
    Those guys really want a piece of Jemma! 😀 I had a feeling Flannery was the redhead she was talking about
    because when I saw Flannery, I was like that’s the chick! 😡
    Jovanna is so sweet! She just wants more attention for mommy. 🙂
    I mean really Alain 11:00 at night!?
    The twins are cute!! 😀
    Her change is always good!
    I love their mother daughter bonding! :mrgreen:
    LOL Shar’s shirt!
    Oh I know that man in the shadow! 😉

    • Ahh I didn’t realize the similarity in their names too. While playing I felt what Jemma was feeling – deja vu! Yeah it took her (us) a while to get over Stevan. 😦
      Hehe I had no idea when Jemma met Flan that she would steal her ex-boyfriend!
      Jovanna needed her mommy alright – and Jemma finally smartened up.
      Sssh don’t tell! LOL 😆

  3. I kinda liked Jemma with Jaxen but I guess this new guy will do. 😉
    Seeing Jovanna and Jemma together is so cute.
    I’m glad she is finally stepping up as a mother

    • Yeah hopefully she and Jovanna will develop a better relationship. Especially when I am playing their household more and I’ll be able to show Jovanna more. The new guy will be fine. 😉

  4. aww you really captured Jemma’s feeling of loneliness and her thought process as she is sorting her priorities. I am glad she is seeing Jovanna in a different light now and not just a reminder of Stevan! Too bad it didnt work with any of my boys, but that’s ok! 😀

  5. Awww shucks I liked Jaxen. LOL. Oh well such is life sometimes. That really sucks that redhead she tried to make friends with was the one Stevan was seeing. I thought what the fuck as well… -__- LOL.

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