046 Grayson’s Adventures in China (07-07-13)

Told by Grayson.

So we finally got a chance to go to China, but all I was thinking about was Tawnya.


We tried to go on a date before I left but for some reason she didn’t show up and I was left at the coffee shop alone. That was the night Lulu got arrested at the bar. My sister is such a bad influence!


Lulu becoming friends with Traci wasn’t helping matters. All I asked of her was her friendship, but noooo…

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I just wasn’t having any luck with girls at all.



Tegan was pretty excited about being in China. Right away she wanted to go on this crazy expedition in an underground tomb.


“Oh, I know what to do. I’ve seen stuff like this in Simdiana Jones movies.”


“I don’t know about this, Teg.”

“Come on!! It’ll be AWESOME!”


“What does the sign say?”


“Ah-a. I think I can decipher this!”


“It said something about be warned and always remember to bring dry food and a tent… I think we should go back.”


“Fine we’ll get a freaking tent, wuss.”


Dad and Tegan went off to practice martial arts and I was bored so I played chess with an old woman.


It was okay but… she beat me.


“It’s good to be here with you, Dad.”




“Hi Mom…. Well, we didn’t do a whole lot yet… Yes, Tegan found a trainer….. No, I didn’t meet any cute Chinese girls yet!”


When we went to sleep in our cabins that night I swear I could hear a couple making love on the floor above us. Gosh! Do they have no shame?!




The next morning we met some of the house residents. One girl was Maya Wang and wow, she was so beautiful.

“Yes, with that fair hair and skin I can tell you are not from around here.”


Me: “I’m just here for a few days. Maybe we could hang out later or something.”

“That would be lovely, Gray Son.”


Hehe she says my name really cute.



It’s funny, we’re out in nature but she is looking at her smartphone.


“Nice evening, isn’t it?”


“It”s very nice here, Gray Son. Come, I will teach you a local song.”


Her voice was so very lovely, like the voice of an angel.

“So um, do you have a boyfriend or anything?”


“Yes, me and my husband manage the resort where you are residing. We stay on the upper floor.”



Aaaaand… things just got awkward from there. Gosh, were they the ones making love in the room above mine? Then what was she doing here with me? And she was so much older. Oh fragglefragglefraggle, I had to end it there.

“I’m sorry Gray Son, but I thought you knew I was just trying to befriend and welcome you to our country…”


Yeah yeah yeah. It was nice knowing you.




The next day Tegan and I went back to the tomb after she and Dad got the right supplies.


“Are you scared, brother?”





Of course, being the man, I ended up doing most of the work.


…even while she slept.



So it’s understandable that I got tired and didn’t want to finish.


“I’ll just lie down here. I’m sure she’ll figure it out when she wakes up.”



“YES!!!!! She found the relic! Now we can go home.”


All in all it was a pretty fun trip though.


And good news… Tawnya got my letter!



BONUS VIDEO: Grayson is awed by Maya’s voice of an angel. And sings pretty good himself!

10 thoughts on “046 Grayson’s Adventures in China (07-07-13)

  1. great chapter! Erm…that was a bit awkward with Maya lol
    looks like Grayson’s luck is going better since Tawnya got his letter!
    I never noticed how much Grayson looks like Garrick til they were side by side!

  2. Grayson and his dad bonding! 😀
    I’m actually glad Gray Son lol and Maya didn’t work out! That long distance relationship probably wouldn’t have worked.
    Can’t wait to see this relationship!

  3. Aww Grayson, he’s so adorable, why won’t the girls give him some lovin?
    LOL I love Tegan’s look at him in the tomb when he was saying they should turn back. So annoyed.
    Hahaha the other tourists hookin in it up.
    Oh… well that’s disapointing and explains the shameless woohooing. Poor “Gray son.”
    Man I adore Tegan’s expressions, she has all of Sharona’s spunk.
    Such a great update, I’m enjoying seeing what the rest of the family has been up to.

    • Thanks for the comments. Tegan does have some great expressions. And spunk! 😆 I was gonna do Tegan’s side in China eventually but I figured would be best to keep the flow in China now before we go back to the family. And people seem to like her, so Tegan’s chapter is next!

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