045 Grayson’s Turn (07-03-13)

Told by Grayson.



“Dear Tawyna. I received your letters in the mail with great eagerness…” No, no, no. That sounds stupid.


“Dear Tawyna. Thanks for the letters. They really warmed my heart…”


Oh, fraggle! That’s even worse. This is harder than I thought!


I guess I’ll just text her.


She must like me if she’s writing me romantic letters like that.



“Oh, hello there.”


Remember me… Grayson? Certainly now, how could you forget the charming and genius only-boy of the family? I bet you’ve been missing my adorable smile and chubby cheeks. ‘Cause I know that’s what you’ve been saying about me.

Well, I got some insightful things happening too, you know! I feel it’s about time you got to see some of it. All we’ve been hearing lately is Jemma-this and Jemma-that and Jemma and Stevan and mushy-mushy lovey stuff.


Unfortunately, my sister is not too bright because she has gotten herself pregnant.

And Dad being unaware that there would already be a new baby coming, went and got Mom pregnant again. Double fragglesticks!! So this is what we’re now dealing with at home. Not just one, but two nauseous, careless, crazy-dancing, apple-eating, hormonal, pregnant ladies.








So, thanks to Tegan and her consistent pestering, I had a plan.

“You’re going where?!?”


Of course, Tegan was totally up for it. She started working out so she would be ready for her martial arts training.


“Fine then, go on without us.”


“Yeah, see if we care.”



Welcome to CHINA, baby!!!!!!!!


“It’s so scenic here.”


“And so peaceful without Mom and Jemma!”


“Let’s find an adventure.”


“Dear Tawnya. I have gone to China with family and will be back in three days. I think you’re very pretty a nice girl and would love like to take you on a date see you when I get back. Your friend, Grayson.”


There. That seems romantic enough. I hope she gets it.



AN: Sorry if this seems short, but I just got back from my vacay and wanted to get at least something moving here.. 🙂

9 thoughts on “045 Grayson’s Turn (07-03-13)

  1. Yay some love for Grayson, I adore Jemma but I think he’s so cute.
    I know I love your chubby cheeks Grayson!
    rotfl I love Jemma and Sharona’s reaction to them leaving.
    HAH his edited letters.
    Damn, how many times am I gonna say “love” in one comment post. Seriously, rum, yeah.

  2. aww Grayson is so cute trying to write a letter to Tawnya
    oooh adventures in China!
    Sharona and Jemma dancing is cute, they are adorable pregnant ladies! 😛

  3. Aww Grayson is all nervous trying to write to Tawnya!
    The family had to get away from the pregnant gang for awhile haha!
    I hope Tawnya and Grayson work out! 😀

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