038 Summer Nights at Los Sueños (06-05-13)

Told by Jemma.

“It’s still kinda early. Do you want to go to Los Sueños? It’s a real swanky club and Mom is thinking of buying it and putting a piano in there and serving fancy cocktails and stuff.”


“Pretty nice, huh? Hey, wanna do karaoke?”


“Hurry up. It’s starting!”
Stevan: *ahem*


“Summer lovin’ had me a blast…”


“Summer lovin’ happened so fast.”


“Met a girl crazy for me…”


Met a boy— Hey, are you trying to touch my butt?”


“But……. ohh! Those summmerrrrrrr………. niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiights!!”


“Woo! That was awesome! Tell me more, tell me more!! Hahaha!”


“Uhhh, Stevan… I feel kinda strange all of a sudden.”


“Is that creepy guy around?”

“No, that’s just Will.”


I wonder if I should be more dressed, like Daddy tells me. Stevan is all dressed up nice… I wanna go home and change my clothes. Are creepy men looking at me?


Ohmygod! I knew there was something weird happening! The old lady at the bar is dying!




“Well this sucks. I don’t really wanna stay now. Plus I gotta work tomorrow.”


Okay…. so Stevan left. And what was I to do now? It was still early and there were people all around and I didn’t know where the owner was and stuff.

So I called the best person I could think of for this situation.

“…You called for a bartender?”


I knew my mom would save the day!




I asked her to bring a change of clothes for me but all she brought was my singer’s outfit.

“You need to be practicing your sing-o-grams anyway.” She said. “Go cheer people up. They just watched someone die… ya know, they’re distressed.”


My mom really knew how to make the best of a bad situation.


“Ok well, first I’ll need one of your finest cocktails.”


Singing….  ‘I’ve come to spread the cheer for you! And sing a song to make you feel… NOT BLUE!’


“How was that, Mom?”

Not too long after, Will kicked us out and said he was closing the place. I guess he heard from the owner or something. I was tired anyway. And then Mom was like, ‘Okay well since the bartender died I’m going right to city hall now to put in a request to buy this place, and we’ll get it running smooth again.’


Damn limo drivers. Why do they insist on driving us everywhere? Can’t we just take our car?


Now the Watleys are the proud owners of Los Sueños Private Club!! We haven’t decided what we will rename it yet. But it wasn’t long before Mom got a white grand piano in there. And a few more chairs and tables. It looks good! I can’t wait to perform there.



VIDEO: Jemma and Stevan singing karaoke

And, a bit o’ Grease. Just ’cause.

8 thoughts on “038 Summer Nights at Los Sueños (06-05-13)

  1. aww Jemma was so cute being nervous about her clothing, i hate when that happens!! That is awesome Shar came to save the day!

  2. Hehehe I love how they look when doing kareoke! Too freakin cute!
    HAH! He just wants to get his hands on dat ass.
    Well that puts a damper on the evening. : /
    At least Sharona was on hand to save the day!

    • Hehe I was waiting so long to post that ‘touching her bum’ pic.. LOL. Really hey.. the old hag shouldn’t have been working there in the first place!

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