036 Jemma’s Grad and Baby Blue is Toddler (06-02-13)

Told by Jemma.

I’m finally a young adult! My party was a lot of fun. After, me and Mom went online shopping and got me a ton of new clothes. Wanna see?


Ergggh! Just a second…


Okay. We found this dress in a bigger size because the other one I had was for teen me. I luuuuurve it! Looka mah sexy new curves.


Ouu… this one is a real pretty colour! Dya like my ballerina shoes?


This is super cute. Different… but hey, I like to be different! At least I can pull off the white tights. My mom is jealous ’cause she can’t because her calves are too wide!


A furry sweater, short shorts, and funky boots. Different. I like it!


I wonder if these shorts are too tight on my butt?


Ewww! Who left this scaggy hot dog out?


“Hey there, baby Blue.”


“Omigosh! I almost forgot what day it is!”


Grad day!!!


“But….. I was only putting her to bed! Why do I have to take her to grad…?”


Oh. Hey Stevan!


C’mon! Say my name, say my name!!!


So, the whole Doppler house was here, not just Stevan. I don’t know why he was outside studying. We all hung out a bit after the ceremony.

“Yeah sure, Tristan, you can take my picture.”


I got the lucky kitty hat!


Stevan was pretty excited about getting Mom’s autograph. What are we, famous or something?


Grayson talked to Stevan’s brother Todd. Well they should get along – they kinda dress and look similar.


Stevan: “Okay so, I gotta tell you the reason I’ve been so busy lately. I was getting a communications degree. I had to come here today to pick up the diploma.”
Me: “But! You’re still a teen!”
Stevan: “I know right!! They let me in early. I’ll age soon… I hope.”


(Meanwhile, back at home…)



“Why does your brother sit outside in the grass so much?”
Stevan: “Maybe he’s just a nature boy.”


“Okay… Anyway, I changed into my casual like you did. Let’s get outta here. The paparazzi are getting creepy.”


(Also back at home, while everyone was nomming on snowcones… Baby Blue was having her birthday!


N’aww! Grumpy Blue!


Aubrey to the rescue!)


“Okay, let’s eat here.”


Wait! I just got this awesome idea!


“Hey can I come sing at your coffee shop sometime? I do a mean karaoke.”


“And I have this cool whistle trick that I do. See?”


Well he said that I needed to get my name out before I could be a singer at his place. And that took a lot of practice and determination. I know what that’s about – my Mom is at it all the time, sure.

“Screw university! I can just see it now… my name in lights. JEMMA WATLEY, STARLIGHT SHORE’S NEWEST SUPERSTAR!  What do you think, Stevan? …Stevan?”


I finally joined Stevan inside and we ate, but then I went right home ’cause I was exhausted.

Like, REALLY exhausted. It was a busy day and night.


“Hi Jemma!”


“Uhhh….. where am I…?”


“I’m okay! Really!”



BONUS VIDEO: “Say my name! Say my name!”

BONUS VIDEO #2: Baby Blue playing in crib

3 thoughts on “036 Jemma’s Grad and Baby Blue is Toddler (06-02-13)

  1. Hahahaha Jemma having some trouble with her outfit.
    Rotfl “My mom is jealous ’cause she can’t because her calves are too wide!”
    I love her kitty graduation hat, though I wish they’d just wear their normal hair. I’ve changed it a few times cause I don’t like the way hats look on sims (unless it’s placed with a slider over normal hair).
    Todd and Grayson do look a lot alike. O.O
    Awwww Blue is so seriously cute. She looks a lot like her daddy. 🙂
    Hah, it’s hard being a new young adult.
    Great update, Jemma is so awesome.

    • Hah seriously, I have a pair of white tights I’ve never worn. 😆 I was too lazy to change her grad hat. I think Blue will look like her daddy! Jemma says thanks. 😉

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