033 oh deadmau5, you’re so random (05-24-13)

This is a bit random and isn’t totally necessary for the storyline (and you can skip this chapter if you hate him) but… I made a deadmau5 Sim. 🙂

I kinda flipped out. Literally, when I first popped him into game I was like, “It’s F*CKING DEADMAU5!!!!!!!!!!!” and pretty much falling off my chair in excitement.


I’ve been wanting to make him for a while so a couple weekends ago I spent roughly five hours one night creating Joel Zimmerman, AKA deadmau5 (pronounced dead-mouse). Who the heck is he? you might ask. Well, he is my favorite electronic music producer and music personality. I love him because, like me, he is Canadian, loves electronic music and dancing, is funny and snarky, and has a tuxedo cat!! Just Google him and you’ll find lots about him. Or here, if you’re lazy 😉 http://www.deadmau5.com.

His gimmick is he wears this giant mouse-head on stage when he plays a show. And one night I was shopping for Sims CC, specifically deadmau5 stuff and came across this head accessory and nearly flipped my lid because it’s just so awesome and amazing. It’s by Understrech Imagination and you can find it here if you want your very own deadmau5 Sim. Mind you if you want this Sim I’d have to upload him, because he really does have a face underneath that, and it looks as much like Joel as I could make him.

Of course I put him in Starlight Shores and had SharSim go over to meet him straight away. This is what came of the visit.

N’awwww! Instant attraction!


“Well, let’s see. I like computers, music and cats.”


“Me tooo!”




I moved Joel in the same house as Krisztina, and here he is saying hi to her adopted cat, Mojo. Then he went inside to play Krisztina’s guitar.


She autonomously turned on her ipod with deadmau5 custom music. 😀 She was probably playing “Moar Ghosts n Stuff“.


“Whew!! Is it hot out here or is it just me?”


And then we just hung out and had drinks all afternoon!


I eventually made him take off his headgear.


Then it started to rain. He was not happy about that.


It might have been the booze talking, but he was definitely flirting with me.


Up on the back deck…



Catching raindrops with his tongue…?


Of course, I could not have deadmau5 without his cat. So I created Professor Meowingtons.

“No moar ghosts, pleees?”


Joel and I had a game of pool. I think he is the better player.


Then I left him alone to settle in… but of course creeped him checked in on him later. I think he’s tired and grumpy here. Krisztina is filling the cat bowl.


Milo: “I gotta show this new cat that I’m the boss here.”


“Are you a ghost?”


I didn’t have an extra bed for Joel yet. Milo is being a bad cat!





COMING UP: deadmau5 shows up briefly to Jemma’s YA birthday party.
Sunny: “Who is this idiot? Mickey Mouse?!”


And here is a comparison pic. He could use a few minor tweaks… but not too bad!



BONUS VIDEO: Just hanging with the mau5.

BONUS VIDEO #2: My headbeatz makes deadmau5 dance.

3 thoughts on “033 oh deadmau5, you’re so random (05-24-13)

  1. Haha it’s only fitting that Shar would listen to him after meeting him. “I have to listen NOW!”
    His mousehead is pretty epic in your game. 😀 Is it just an accessory?
    Professor Meowingtons is so cute!
    ROTFL Sunny is always such a hoot.

    • I tell in the post where to download the head. But it is actually a hairpiece in the hair-with-accessory tab. So to take the piece off I have to change the hair basically. I agree it’s pretty epic. 😀 Thanks.

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