030 Kids Are Growing (05-12-13)

The night before baby Blue was born, Tegan had her teen birthday with no one around.

“Well it’s just me and the cat.”




“Oh hey. Look, I’m a teen now.”


“Hi brother. You missed my birthday.”


“Why do you look so tanned? You don’t even go outside.”
*shrug* “Genetics.”


Anyway, since the kids finally came out of hiding, I gathered them all for some kid family pics. I wanted to see how their heights compared to one another (using the Grow mod).

Although Lulu isn’t part of the immediate family, I liked the way she’s sitting here.


“Okay fine then, I’ll find something else to do.”


For comparisons sake, Tegan is the youngest teen, and Lulu and Grayson are close to the same age.


Look how tall and gangly Jemma is compared to the others!


“Eww, skaggy! Did someone fart?”


Grayson: “Not me!”




“I’m safe from the monsters up here.”


Jemma: “Now that I’m almost YA, maybe I should change up my look a bit.” Yeah, she’s had this hair since childhood so it’s due.


We opt for a mature pulled-back style and a brighter purple tint.
“That’s cute.”


“Okay FINE, I’ll practice my charisma while I’m here.”


It rained again.

Jemma: “Hey, I made this umbrella from Mom’s old pregnancy top.”


Guess who she and Grayson are going to visit to welcome them to town!


Yes, it’s the infamous Sunny Flower and Borage Lamar Montigo!!


6 thoughts on “030 Kids Are Growing (05-12-13)

    • Thanks! This is the first time I’ve had him in my game or in updates actually. You would have seen him in many other peoples’ games though.

  1. LMAO Grayson “*shrug* ‘Genetics.” Man I love that grow mod, the kids are all so cute and it’s awesome to see their age in their height. I think they did a good job with it, the “stretch” isn’t too bad.
    Jemma’s new look is fantastic, she’s so gorgeous.
    Hah! Sunny doing her usual freak out pose, lol. 😀

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