019 Rain, Rain (04-02-13)

Jemma: “There’s water falling from the sky.”
Grayson: “I think it’s called rain.”
Tegan: “What’s it for?”

Tegan: “I got a colorful umbrella!”
Jemma: “It’s not raining where I am.”

“Okay, wait now.”

“Now it’s raining.”

Coal: “Uhh, what are you doing?”
SharSim: “Upgrading the umbrella. I heard they break easily so I’m being extra prepared.”

“Woo! Thunderstorm!”

No swimming today. But Friday’s forecast says sunny so we are going to the summer festival.

Jemma: “Hey little brother, look at this.”
Grayson: “What is it?”

Grayson: “Ewwww!! I’m scarred for life!”
Jemma: “Tee hee.”

“Okay fine I’ll just send you a text.”

“‘Your pajamas are gay‘?!  What the…?!”

Jemma: “Hey sis, whatcha doin’?”
Tegan: “Nothing…”

Everyone’s back from school and afterschool activities. “Let’s go to the festival!”

“Aww! It was supposed to be sunny all day! Stupid weather forecasters never get it right. What do we do now?”


9 thoughts on “019 Rain, Rain (04-02-13)

  1. Heehee did you just get Seasons for this chapter? I ask because they were confused about the rain. The first couple pictures were kind of how it looked where I am all day today. LOL. I had no idea you could upgrade umbrellas either!

    • The other way around, really. I got Seasons and University around the same time, so the rain was totally new to them! And the smartphones. LOL.

  2. 😀 Love their discussion about rain. Poor simmies probably had the shock of their lives with rain and snow. 😉
    HA! Jemma is so funny with Grayson.

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