018 Aging Cats, Memories and Family Photos (03-31-13)

(Told by Jemma)

“Thanks for the birthday drink, dad.”

Dad: “I’m getting too old for this stuff.” Baha.. Daddy almost choked on his drink. Serves him right for drinking.

Coal: “I think I’m getting old.” OMG, Coal had his elder birthday the next day and we forgot about it.

Awww, we’ve had Coal for as long as I can remember.

Josie Da Pudder, too. She’s been really frail for a long time and is way beyond normal life span for a cat. We expect she won’t be with us much longer.

Not Willow though. I swear she’s got some kinda age freeze. She looks better (and furrier!) than she ever did.

(Side note: Grayson went to Stevan’s to work on their homework outside. That baby is always left alone outside!! I gotta get Stevan out of that house. They don’t take care of their children!)

“JEMMA!! Mom said I could go to her show tonight!!”

My little sister is so hyper. I can just picture her now practically jumping around while talking to me.

I got this rad aerial shot! I didn’t think that would be possible!

Tegan was really funny. She already said she wants to be a singer like Mom. She’s been singing to her dolls since before she could even talk.

Like she still does.

Mom redecorated the back hallway and FINALLY put out her trophies that we’ve had in storage for so long, since we moved to this big house. That’s her SimFest trophy in the middle, and two trophies from horse races she did before I was born. She told me she could ride horses and that’s why I would be good with unicorns and she still wanted me to find one. And that’s a picture Daddy drew of Mom when she was pregnant with me. He’s such a good painter.

Which reminds me! I found this!! Mom is trying to write her story of when she got married and had us, from all the pictures she got collected. There are SOOO many pics!! OMG. But I thought this was awesome. This was when she was pregnant with Grayson and I remember seeing her in this dress! (That’s me in daddy’s arms.) I always thought she looked like an angel. Do you think maybe that’s subconsciously why I chose to wear that long blue dress when I aged to teen?

AND! I got the same bathing suit she had! Me and Mom really must be the same person. Look at Daddy’s face! Tee hee. He looks so young.

And finally… a wicked rad shot of Mom on stage. This coulda been before she had me, I’m not sure. I think it was her promo shot or something.

Ok no really finally now – our family pics!! I might show you more when we get them back from the editor. I love mine and Mom’s new dresses. Tegan’s is pretty cute too. Ok yeah Dad and Grayson look good too. We are just a swaggy family!

Cats are family too! Daddy changed his shirt for this one, and we all had to go to school.

Hehe, funny cat videos.

xo Jemma



A less furry video of Willow:

8 thoughts on “018 Aging Cats, Memories and Family Photos (03-31-13)

  1. Coal is looking much more grey after his birthday. How did EA miss that giant extra dot in pets’ eyes?!
    I hate pet deaths 😦 I will be sad to see Josie go.
    Wooo big turn out for her show!
    😛 Love the picture of Tegan singing to her IF. And love the family portraits.
    Great video! The hairball ending made me laugh.

  2. Yeah the black dot is weird. I guess I really should get some pet default eyes! Pet deaths are very sad. 😦 Tegan’s voice while singing to the IF is so cute and raspy. Thanks & glad the video gave you a laugh. 🙂

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