017 Grayson’s Teen Birthday (03-30-13)

“Look at this funny bunny video!”

Mom wanted me to take a picture of her and Dad taking a picture. Ew, kinda gross.

Mom invited Vandeen Jonso over for an interview. She’s writing his biography. He’s kinda famous. OMG, and cute.

Van: “Hi Jemma.”

“I hear your daughter is quite artistic.”

Van and Mom are wicked dancers.

Anyway we headed downtown after Van left, for Grayson’s birthday celebrations.

They went to the movie, but Mom had a gig so I went to support her.

The park grounds were done up really cool for the spring festival, and Mom was the headlining act.

It was kinda late by the time we got home and Grayson’s friends came already dressed in their PJ’s. Except that girl he likes, Traci.

Grayson is just so talkative and friendly that he totally forgot about his cake and had to age up outside!

Wow, now my brother is bigger than me! Tegan was over excited, of course. But then his little friends all of a sudden left… I guess because he was a teen now and they were scared to stay. Wimps.

I think he looks a lot more like Dad now. Kinda.

“What am I supposed to do with this cake now…?”

Mom: “Nothing! Let’s have drinks instead!!”

Dad got him a handiness book for his birthday. Mom gave him the spare room downstairs and a new iSim computer.

I didn’t get him anything.
“Hey, how ’bout a university flag?”


8 thoughts on “017 Grayson’s Teen Birthday (03-30-13)

  1. I love how you incorporate the Jonsos into this story. 😀
    Graysons’s age up looks painful almost with the pose he’s in with all the sparkles! Happy birthday to him!
    Sounds like he got some fun gifts! 😛 With how sims act while holding that flag, Jemma’s ‘gift’ might just be his favorite.

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