014 Bye August, Prom With Stevan (12-23-12)

Here was our most recent family pic, taken when Jemma was still a kid.

Garrick holding Tegan, Grayson, Jemma, and Sharona holding August the youngest baby, who coincidentally was born in August.

Unfortunately a terrible accident befell little August, and she died. 😦

Ahhh okay I’ll tell you what really happened. See I kinda have this obsession with my Simself. I have a weird face and I can never seem to make her look like me so I am constantly tweaking her in CAS and each baby born has likely been from a different version of SharonaSim. And I want her to look like me but still make presentable Sim babies with all that slider tweaking 😆 So anyway… August came out, um, unfortunate. For lack of a better word. Nose was too high and pointy and facial features were just unfixable. She may have been a cute baby, but not so much aged. 🙄 And this was before I knew about ‘play with genetics’ in CAS.

So I used Master Controller to have her die from a “Watery Grave”, because she was screaming to use the potty while in momma’s arms. So I guess we’ll call it a fatal bladder infection or something.

The family had their period of mourning.

Grayson was especially sad.

But little Tegan, who barely knew her little sister, got extra love.

Speaking of love…

“Oh hey Jemma!”

“D’ya wanna come over to my house after school?”

She certainly did!

Stevan: “Yes!! She’s here!” (Random brown baby camoflauged in the grass….? 😯 )

“Of course I’ll go to the prom with you, Jemma.”


Wooo! Prom day!

Stevan is lookin’ all swanky.

They come back to Jemma’s house after the dance.
Stevan, thinking: ‘Wow they must be rich.’

Jemma goes to find Dad because he insisted on meeting “the boy” afterwards.
Willow: “Ghost?”

Stevan: “Hey Mr. Watley.”

Dad was still in mourning over August and Stevan was excited to take a picture of Garrick the famous artist and rock star.

Dad left the two alone, and so they watched the stars.


18 thoughts on “014 Bye August, Prom With Stevan (12-23-12)

  1. I can’t say I have ever killed a sim child but at least you were honest about why you did it and managed to make it humorous as well 😀

    • I did debate on it for a while… and did feel bad. 😦 But now whenever I feel bad about it I put myself in the story and feel a period of mourning for my lost child. We will cherish her memory.

  2. O.o August! You better not be counting August towards Garrick’s wish for ten.
    I’m glad Jemma isn’t letting the death hold her back. Congrats on her date to prom! Love the picture of them star gazing 🙂

    • Actually the game counts her in Garrick’s wish moodlet but I won’t be counting her. I thought on it a lot but we had to do the best thing for our baby. Lol. I don’t think I would do it again though. 😉

    • Hey thanks for all your comments. I never had a good chance to read them yet because I have been out of town doing some music gigs. But I will read and reply later! 🙂

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