007 Sharona and Garrick Model New Clothes (08-15-12)

Sharona and Garrick went shopping at the Sims 3 store! Doing some modelling here just for fun.

This dress is from Date Night. I recolored it pink from the yellow and teal it had. “Wild Card Buckled Dress”

This one is the “Steampunk Swashbuckler” which VampireXheart gifted me. I had it on my wishlist cause I figured it would be a good rock outfit. I think it’s cute. I recolored it from its not-so-nice brown and greys. And it looks nice with these shoes.

Let’s try it out.

“Woo! Rock it, Shar!”

This one is from Date Night. “All-in Layered Cocktail Dress”

This was a gift from SilverDayBreak (Afternoon Jacket):

This was a gift from AnonymousMiss (After Party Dress):

And this was from IvoryButterfly (Music Video Vixen Dress):

All from the store. I think they are very cute!

“Daddy approves.”

Now here is Garrick modelling some male clothes from the Date Night set.

Ohh… whoops, I forgot to dress him!! *ahem*

Ahh here we go. The Strikingly Sparkled Blazer:

Ink Drop Poker Pocket Shirt (wow that’s a long name). I recolored this to his favorite color, Spice Brown.

I couldn’t find what the name of this one was, and I’m too lazy to keep looking…

But I think he looks pretty swanky. And I gave him a new hairstyle after. I decided to emo him up a little more, since you know, he is getting old too and would like to look young again like the cool kids.

“Wow, my hair is growing!”

“Damn, I look good.”


BONUS VIDEO: Garrick Sings Bad Karaoke

7 thoughts on “007 Sharona and Garrick Model New Clothes (08-15-12)

  1. They model those clothes good! I’m going to have to go buy some new clothes! Thanks for the view 😀 Garrick is so realistic looking it’s scary! :S

  2. Gorgeous outfits! Looks like Garrick approves of her looks too. Hahaha looks like he approves of himself too!
    O.o That karaoke is, um, lovely.

  3. Great modeling! I need to go check out the store and add stuff to my wishlist 😀
    The karaoke was a hoot!

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