004 First Big Gig After Tegan, and Adairna Jonso Cameos (07-19-12)

Adairna Jonso from Sunset Valley was in town. I had to arrange an interview with her since I am writing her story, The Party People: The Legacy of Nakaiya Jonso. Garrick and I met up with her last night.

I had my first big gig after having Tegan. I wasn’t doing too many shows with having all the babies, but am slowly getting back into it.

I guess I still got it, the fans love me. More showed up after, to come front and center and swoon pink hearts at me.

Including hubby Garrick. Oh he’s so cute with his crowd reaction.

I sang right to him. “This is for you baby!! Wig wig wag!!”

I was in the mood to crash a party, seeing it was Friday night. Turns out Adairna was having a party on the next block over.

Adairna was inside. (Unbeknownst to Sharona and Garrick, I the creator noticed she was being her usual nutty self. :))

Apparently this hospital escapee was not amused by something. She was waving her arms and yelling, “Roooooo!” (Oh, and I guess my clothes changed cause it was a casual party, although I would have kept my red dress on.)

Man, what is up with her…?

But this girl was excited to get my autograph. Maybe she had just been to my show.

I went inside to meet Adairna. She seemed pretty nice. (darn that stupid CC hair, caused me a ton of editing time in my legacy..)

She and Garrick got along real well. They went all party-animal “WOO!”

Awww she’s still pretty.

When we got home, Jemma was extremely pissed off because babies Grayson and Tegan were screeching all night and the butler was only half taking care of them. I guess we forgot to tell the butler we were going out.

They woke Jemma up and everything, but by the time she got downstairs they were sleeping.

Whew, what a night. I’m tired. (So is Garrick – you can see him in the mirror. Tee hee!)


8 thoughts on “004 First Big Gig After Tegan, and Adairna Jonso Cameos (07-19-12)

  1. 😀 Love how in to the show Garrick is!
    Hahaha Adairna and the police officer… I think the woman in the hospital gown is much odder though O.o
    OH MAN! Jemma looks super mad. I like how she’s thinking about Garrick and he’s standing there like like eexxcuuuseee meeee.

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