002 Jemma’s Child Birthday and Her Unicorn (06-19-12)

It was time for my beautiful firstborn Simdaughter to age to child!

We were so happy that our ex-butler Thaddeus came to the party. There he is blowing his horn. (And don’t mind half-naked Donald Bergman in the background blowing I-don’t-know-what.)

There she is with the sparkles.

And here she is with her cute new hair. Some kinda weird thing going on with her mouth there, I don’t know what. Maybe she was licking her lips too much and they got sore..LOL.

And she likes her cowboy boots.. she saw those in the CAS store and just HAD to get them. So I let her because, well, she’s Eccentric. 😉 But I found out later that it works out perfectly!

Here she is reading books on mommy’s new MultiTab.

Shortly after she aged, she rolled a possible Lifetime wish of mastering painting and writing. (SharonaSim writes, and daddy Garrick paints, and she had read a lot of books as a toddler). But I wasn’t sure if I wanted her to want that just yet so I didn’t click it.

Aw, she’s so cute.

And mommy thinks she’s so cute!

First day of school.

I think she was a little scared.

She took the initiative to sign herself up for ballet for afterschool. She’s smart little thing already, and instantly knew how to type.

She enjoys playing peek-a-boo with baby brother Grayson.

The next night Daddy saw a knowing light in the sky when he was jamming along with a track on his bass.

Although Jemma was tired and it was late on a school night, he just knew she would want to see this. They traveled to the fishing hole past the big house and down over the hill.

Sure enough, there were horses gathered around.

And then they saw it!!! A *black* unicorn!!

I’ve always loved unicorns since I was a kid. I had been thinking moments earlier when I was playing my game, when SharonaSim and Jemma were eating supper. I thought ooh, I’d like to have Sharona ride a horse again. She hasn’t had a horse since she was single and lived in Appaloosa Plains and she used to take Bolt riding, and even got a few competition trophies. I thought, maybe we could get one here in Starlight Shores since we now have a new big house and huge lot.

Anyway, It’s a good thing I acted on this. Jemma watched the unicorn and even fed him a treat.

Then she rolled the Lifetime Wish for adopting a unicorn! I said YES! She will accept this lifetime wish, thank you. Being a Fairy Tale Finder is so much better than being a boring writer and painter. LOL.

I’m so happy I’m gonna have a unicorn. 😀

Oh… so the cowboy boots I (we) picked. Cowboy boots = riding boots for horses? What a coincidence.

BONUS VIDEO: Jemma and baby Grayson play peek a boo


9 thoughts on “002 Jemma’s Child Birthday and Her Unicorn (06-19-12)

  1. Hahah Donald looks so awkward in the background.
    Awww kiddo Jemma. Love her! Oh wow, she does look wary of the school bus.
    Hope Jemma gets her unicorn 😉

    • Haha I caught Donald at our house naked beside the hot tub in my game last night, so many many Sim days later he’s still weird. 😀

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