Beginnings, Part 5

I awoke and found myself in Garrick’s bed, in he and his twin brother Mason’s house. What was I doing here?  “After we made love you were out like a light and I didn’t want to disturb you.” He said.


But… I didn’t remember getting on the plane back to Appaloosa Plains. Last I remembered was falling asleep alone in my heart bed in Starlight Shores. Or had I even been in Starlight Shores…?

I told him all about the big house and the butler and the big cat room and all the gigs I did, and that I had even met Will Wright the original The Humans 1 game creator and he was cheering at my show and bought a CD from me. Was it all just one big dream..?!


It must have been, he said, because we had visited with Mason for my final supper and we ended up crashing there. I was so disoriented because it had seemed so real. So vivid. I do dream in technicolor anyway, but there was just so much depth to that dream that it changed me.

We went back to my place up on the hill to get my bags before catching my flight. I said to him, “Garrick, I don’t want to leave you.”


“Really?!” He said surprised. “Well that works out then, because I was going to do this anyway, whether you left or not. Sharona, will you marry me?”

“Oh my god!!!! Yes! I love you, Garrick and I don’t want to ever lose you,” I blubbered.


“Perfect” he grinned. “So when can I move in?”



We decided he would move in so we could plan the wedding, and we would have the wedding in Appaloosa since all our friends and family were here. And then he would come with me to Starlight Shores!! I couldn’t be happier.


The wedding was all we talked about for a while. Or all that Garrick talked about, rather. I was still pretty nervous about it all. I mean, what if he wants ten kids or something??


Meanwhile I kept up my career in Appaloosa and worked even further up the singing career, though I still played shows at the smaller venues. People knew my name and face quite well here now.


There’s one of my best friends Nicole with Garrick at a coffeehouse show. They were the best fans ever!!


And there’s my boy! ❤



VIDEO: Garrick and I are happy jamming!

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15 thoughts on “Beginnings, Part 5

  1. ‘Will Wright the original The Humans 1 game creator’ – clever clever!! 😛
    ‘what if he wants ten kids or something’ – !!!! super clever! I’m still with Garrick on this one. 😉
    Awww I love how you made everything a dream! While following your dreams is something I love, my hopeless romantic heart prefers this.

    • Heehee. Will Wright becomes quite an important character in their lives for a while. That’s why in recent episodes we are excited that he shows up again after a long absence, but he is having financial troubles so I suggest that he go back and work on Sims 3 or 4.. LOL.
      Haha of course I stuck that 10 kids thing in there because of his wish in game last night. 😉
      Yeah I made it a dream because I had moved Sharona & cats as a household out into Starlight Shores and played it for a bit, but then I really was missing Garrick (in RL!) so I went back to the previous save at the same point, and it really was like a dream!

  2. Wow it was all a dream? It really did seem to have a pretty dramatic effect on her and she didn’t lose her chance to be with Garrick at least! 😀 He’s so cute. 🙂

    • Aww, glad you think Garrick is cute. I think he’s only the second Sim I ever made. If you saw what I said to Aster ^ on this one, I really was missing Garrick so I had to bring her back. 🙂

  3. Ahhh – the 10 baby wish you asked me about! Go for it 😀
    Love the dream idea – I am only sorry that she didn’t get to keep the mansion 😉
    Very romantic and entertaining!

    • Thanks! I am going into game now and maybe I’ll see if Garrick wants to get flirty. *wink wink* I wrote up this chapter after he rolled the wish in the current game, so here it is like a bit of foreshadowing. 😉

    • Yes well the Sims still need to remember that they are Sims and not The Humans! Lol. Thanks, yep it was an alternate save and I brought her back cause I missed Garrick 🙂

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