Beginnings, Part 3

On the second night in that big beautiful house on the hill in Appaloosa Plains, I check out the fireplace, oops I guess I should be a little more careful!!


However the firewoman seemed pretty excited to be at a big celebrity’s house.

Once we settled in and unpacked, now I figured it was time to get Willow pregnant as we have been wanting to have kittens for a while now. (Coal on the left, Willow is on the right.)

Along came three little girls! In order here, cuddly Cassie, fiesty Foxie and pretty Wanda.

I ended up putting the others up for adoption but keeping Foxie. Although she was aggressive by nature there was something dear about her that I couldn’t resist. (Maybe the ears? Or her agressive fiesty-ness that she got from my darling Willow?)

Not too long in the new place, a unicorn came to our front yard!!

Oh I always wanted to have my very own unicorn! He visited a few times and we were starting to become friends.

Garrick and I were doing very well. (After all, I dreamed him up, why wouldn’t we?)

I was starting to get recognized on the street a lot. A local fan told me that the music and performance business was booming in Starlight Shores, and I thought it might be the place to be if I wanted to pursue my solo singing career.

I did a few photo sessions for my promo package and album cover.

And thought of how I would tell Garrick that I wanted to leave town to become a star. I mean, I wasn’t getting any younger and wanted to have at least a bit of time in the limelight! If Gwen Stefani can be still be fabulous after 30.…!

So I started packing, got myself some trendy clothes, and gussied up for the big move.

I started doing some menial singing jobs around town to build up my skills. Though I love this little outfit they gave me! I feel a bit like Gwen Stefani now.

Garrick was not too happy to find out the news. I think in my heart I wanted to take him with me.

We decided we would remain faithful to each other, and he could certainly visit me there (and maybe I’d let him stay if he proved that he really loved me..)

“I’ll stay committed to you baby, I don’t want anyone else.” “Okay! And I’ll take care of your garden.”

We had a final blissful day hanging out at my place.

“Oh I’ll miss those eyes.”

“And that face.”

Ughhh what have I gotten myself into??


Video: Flirting with Garrick

VIDEO: Doing Singagrams Like a Diva

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11 thoughts on “Beginnings, Part 3

  1. Aww I love the name Foxie! She looks really cute. XD
    😦 Sad that she has to leave Garrick but a girl has to follow her dreams!

  2. Ughhh fireplaces are so dangerous in Sims. Walk in to another room and suddenly there’s a raging fire.
    Adorable kittens and I love the names! Foxie was a good one to keep.
    Glad Garrick isn’t being totally left in the dust 😛

    • The fireplace was new to me at the time! LOL. Even when I was playing the game back then I was feeling pretty emotional about leaving Garrick behind. 🙂 I gave up Foxie after.. I can’t remember when.

      • I never light them unless I’ve fireproofed the house now. Bonehilda loves to warm that bony hiney of hers though :/

  3. Kittens! 😀
    I can’t believe she left Garrick 😦
    My sims aren’t allowed to have fireplaces although I have been known to place a fireplace just long enough for a photo session 😀
    Talking about photo sessions – loved yours!

    • Hah thanks, it all looks so amateur now! It was my first fireplace so I had no idea! I think my Sim later learned to upgrade them because she was handy like that. I was excited about the kittens! But eventually had to give them up.. I wasn’t the crazy cat lady then. LOL.

  4. Heehee the fireplace. I love the Brave trait because they always put the fire out themselves. I’m glad the fire didn’t get too out of control for your Simself. Yay! Follow your dreams! I always like that motto.

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